Art for God's Sake

Art For God's Sake

The following is an excerpt from President Philip Ryken's book, Art for God's Sake.

 "Art has tremendous power to shape culture and touch the human heart. Its artifacts embody the ideas and desires of the coming generation. This means that what is happening in the arts today is prophetic of what will happen in our culture tomorrow.  It also means that when Christians abandon the artistic community, we lose a significant opportunity to communicate Christ to our culture. Furthermore, when we settle for trivial expressions of the truth in worship and art, we ourselves are diminished, as we suffer a loss of transcendence.
"What we need to recover (or possibly discover for the first time) is a full biblical understanding of the arts- not for art's sake, but for God's sake. Then we will be able to produce better art that more effectively testifies to the truth about God and his grace. This goal is important not just for artists, but also for everyone else made in God's image and in need of redemption."


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