Pushing back the dark with light

Vicky Martin writes:
This was an awesome word for all of you creative people. I am reading a book called "Born to Create" by Theresa Dedmon 
from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. This was a quote from the book...

"There is a release of the sword of the Spirit, which is for our offense, not for defense. The Lord is looking for a people
who are raised up in warfare with the sword of the Spirit, which are the keys of the kingdom, and will begin to invade
where the enemy has come in. The sword is going to take back the crafts, the gifts, and music. As we begin to take back
what we gave away, we will begin to hear new music that will bring forth faith, crafts that will reveal Christ, and inspired
pictures that will literally be prophecies a hundred years from now - these pictures will carry a prophesy as long as they
survive.. These inspired pictures will speak the same languge all over the world, for the picture itself will speak the 
language of Christ." - Bob Jones, prophet

Have a terrific day! 



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