Poetry Gourmet Read

 Here are some of the poems that were written and read for the gourmet poetry night.

Abba Father

We long to know You Abba Father
But where do we find You?
Somehow we drown You out in the hustle and bustle of life
Yet when we halt life to spend time with You we quickly sink into the quicksand of false guilt

Abba Father the world says, Don’t just sit there, do something.
But Your Gospels tell us You are jealous for us.
So In attempt we sit waiting and longing to commune with You
To drown out the world’s messages yet it seems to no avail.

Your word says we are precious in Your sight.
But the message blaring from without and within says
If you hope to be someone of significance then jump through the hoops
How counter cultural to our prayers coming before you as an evening sacrifice.

Prayer, as incense, a vapor that can’t be touched or measured
Yet through Your power its impact spreads throughout the world.
Oh Abba Father we long for You, to look in Your eyes, and hear You say
Come child, let me wrap you in my Almighty embrace as I serenade you with a love song written just for you.

Alice Teisan


Caught in a web
I am the prey
Information Overload
sucks up my day.

I want to learn,
I want to grow.
There's so much stuff
I just don't  know.

Captivating, intriguing -
it gives me a voice.
Online has become
my communication of choice.

Information Overload,
clammer in my head.
Get up, walk away,
it's time for bed.


King of the lawn,
bright as the sun,
wild and unruly,
just want to have fun.

Contagiously spreading,
can't keep you away.
Infectiously beautiful,
do what you may.

What would weed do
with you no more?
Lawns perfectly kept,
oh what a bore.


Writing a poem is so darn hard.
An idea, a thought beneath the surface - it must be jarred.

Do I want to uncover it, do I really care?
They lay dormant the things down there.

In a deep quit place, waiting to be stirred,
I try to find the voice that yearns to be heard.

I rush to the surface, gasping for air,
I dive in again, but nothing is there.

So dark and silent, frantically seeking.
"This is a journey" my voice is speaking.

A glimmer of light shines on my way.
So don't give up, tomorrow is another day.

Lisa Pires   August 2014


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