Chalk Painting--Making Old Things New

chalk painted old items giving them new life
On Tuesday night, February 24, at The Maker's Space, those of us who braved the cold, learned a new painting technique using a relatively new medium called chalk paint.

Some brought old things like stools, lamps, drawers, baskets or chairs and we experimented with the different colors of one coat, or undercoats or overcoats of a different color.

The paint itself has chalk in its formulation which allows it to adhere to any surface without any preparation.  This makes it easy and it dries fast as well.  There is no end to the

things that you could transform.  Many of us got new ideas and thought of many old things we had at home that could be given new life by a new color, some distressing and wax.  There are two kinds of waxes, clear and dark, that add polish, protection and aging when they are applied and buffed with any cloth.  There are many ideas available in chalk painting photograph books, as well as on UTUBE on different about chalk painting.  Explore the web and get ideas to get going.  It is a fun medium for refinishing furniture and accessories.  We used Annie Sloan paints which are available at limited locations.  Our closest location is Affordable Antiques and More....1508 N. Naper Blvd. Naperville.

Thank you to Robin Graham who gave us her tips on painting and for all of you who came.  Next month, Tuesday March 24th, we will be exploring the art of doodling!  Anyone can participate, all ages.  There have been many scientific articles written recently on the calming and meditative effects of doodling.  Come learn something new!


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