A night of learning lettering and different fonts with chiseled markers, continued into a second hour of being led to certain Psalms and portions of Psalms and making the words come alive with expressive lettering.  Lettering and calligraphy, like anything takes practice and patience, yet anyone can do it.  Attendees were given a grid over which practice paper is laid, to practice all the letters using different styles from history.  These pads of paper can be purchased at any art or hobby store, along with special chiseled pens and ink.  We spent the night with special markers to get the feel of holding the pen at a 45 degree angle, and practicing fat strokes and thin strokes.  Our bits of Psalms that "jumped out at us" will be displayed during the worship service of Glen Ellyn Evangelical Church, 277 Hawthorne, Glen Ellyn. IL


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