September Gourmet Poetry Night

The evening in September of our Gourmet Poetry Night was perfect outside under the stars.  We ate, then wrote, then ate, then wrote again.  All was done as we sat together, thinking of syllable combinations of 5 on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 again on the third.  It is a simple formula that got us thinking and editing and choosing our words carefully.  Some of our creations are below.  Perhaps this will inspire you to slow down and take the time to create word pictures.

I was so naïve
Then all of life intervened.
Now I know much more.

Sun sets on our day.
Good friends make good memories.
Laughter fills the air.

Loretta the nurse.
Nurses walk along with you.
Healing is God’s work

Sun sets on our day.
Gathered from our separate paths
Home each goes in joy.

Cicadas and cars.
Sounds coming into my life.
Souvenirs:   Later.

Red green blue yellow.
Brown-eyed Susans twist and climb.
Winter’s on the way.


God loves me so much,
So unconditionally.
All praise be to God.

Dave is like the sun,
Brightly spreading rays of joy.
We are touched with hope.

Sun sets on our day.
The past is forever done.
Make tomorrow count.

Dave, Kriste on time.
Can we please just get along?
Be on time my home.


Bears at eight tonight.
How I wish I were there now!
Bears in overtime.

The fountain gurgles.
The old fan goes round and round.
The cicadas squawk.

Sun sets on our day.
Friends, food wine.  This is the best!
Praise the Trinity.

Sun sets on our day.
Feet dance to a tune of ‘maze.
Laugh, love, and good sleep.

Love is from the heart.
Birds chirp, bugs bite, babies laugh.
Think of shooting stars.

Running through the yard,
Blinded by the shade of life.
I am not happy.

Our life should be full of them.
It is how we grow.

The sound of the stream,
Calm to the spirit and soul.
The living water.

Sun sets on our day.
The day will be tomorrow.
New mercies in morn.

The goal in my life:
I work so hard every day.
I raise giving girls.

Beauty is around.
Good food, new friends.  I love it.
‘Til we meet again.


Food and wine and friends.
We gather round the table.
Let the fun begin!

Bird and butterfly
Voiced and silent melody.
Love songs to the Lord.

When your mother dies,
Will the lilac at her door
Still bloom in spring?

Sun sets on our day.
We have lived and have loved well.
Eden springs anew.

Painters palette hues,
Sun-drenched days and sultry nights.
Lies September tells.

Sun sets on our day,
But the day is not complete.
What comes tomorrow?

I heard a crow squawk.
There swooped a hawk that took flight.
The crow followed him.

Sun hits clouds bright white
On its way to bed.  Adieu!
Lower down it goes.

Sun sets on our day.
The wine lingers on our lips.
Taste of food is sweet.

Sun sets on our day.
Long day of work for no pay.

Hope for a new day.


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