The Art of the Girls in By the Hand Club

On Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, partnered with Purpose By Design, to bring a day retreat for 16 teenage girls who attend By the Hand Club after school in the Austin Neighborhood.  These girls who come to the club all year to focus on their studies and growing into everything that God designed them to be, were invited to this special day of pink, pearls and individual attention.  They discussed being beautiful on the outside as well as the inside while growing into women of beautiful character.

Art was a vehicle to slow down and listen to what God was saying to them.  Art was also a way to express who they were on the inside and outside that words have a hard time incapsulating.
After listening to John 15 speak to Jesus being the vine and we are the branches and only through connecting with Him can we bear any fruit of good character, the girls drew vines and their connectedness.  We used dark paper as the background signifying light coming out of dark and used bright colored pencils for the light filled vine and branches.

The second art worship, was listening to God of how they felt on the inside and the outside by painting masks that represented themselves.  They were then asked to talk about why they chose those colors and what they learned about themselves.  The following are some of their pictures.   The rest can be found on


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