Creating Art for the Haymarket November Fundraiser

The Maker's Space and Purpose By Design came together with clients from Haymarket who seek treatment from addictions and sex trafficking .  They made Wax Hand art from, letting their hands tell part of the story of the journey toward recovery.  Their narratives and hand art brought messages of "hope", "holding on", "mother", "peace", "one way", "strength", "moving toward the light", "stop". "another direction" client chose the symbol of "rock and roll" because that is what started her down this road to addiction.  Another client chose a bloody hand which represented "the many times she should have died but reached out for the hand of Jesus."  Who knew hands could say so much.  These hands will be used in centerpieces to represent the clients at the November 17th Haymarket Fundraiser.  All of the clients will be getting their art after the fundraiser to remind them of their journey.  Thank you to all of you who participated to help tell your story of the need for help on the road to recovery!


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