October Maker's Space on FORGIVENESS and Mosaic box

The October meeting of The Maker's Space explored the concept of FORGIVENESS as it relates to ourselves and how we contribute to the civility of the current climate of society.
As we slowed down and noticed the how loved we are by God and what was coming between us fully feeling being surrounded in love, we were able to ask for forgiveness of letting those things get in the way of God's love.  Art slows us down to notice.  We then completed gluing one side of our box with various pieces that represented us.  The four sides of the box could represent the four sides of us, physical, social, emotional, and mental.  Or the four sides could represent four phases of our lives.

Next, we slowed down enough to notice if there was someone in our life that has hurt us.  A hurt that we were carrying around with us, that is not healthy, and we don't need to carry.  Past hurts, disappointments, or things we should have received from someone but didn't.  We were told to close our eyes and notice the first one that came to mind.  Then that was spoken or asked if God would carry it for us, depending on the difficulty in letting go.  We then glued another side.

Next, we slowed down to notice another layer of someone that we were possibly holding a grudge against.  Perhaps there was someone we were jealous of or there was something that we should have done for someone that we didn't do.  That was let go and we then glued another side.

After all of the sides were glued, we looked at our art and reflected what it spoke to ourselves.  Grouting was explained to do on your own at home, purchasing your own grout, spreading over the tiles, and then wiping away and letting it dry.


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