Haymarket Center of Chicago "Like A Tree" Art-Pictures from the 11/09/18 event

Who would have thought that a simple paper bag could help a group of clients from Haymarket Center, go deeper into their recovery and reflect on the nature of their roots when they look at their lives "Like a Tree." {for more information on Haymarket Center and the wonderful work they do with recovery from addictions go to www.hcenter.org}

You might think that this project would all turn out the same.  But no, 26 clients spent 2 hours in concentrated time creating tree sculptures and considered what they took into their roots, good and bad that would make a strong or weak tree and would determine the fruit that they would produce.  They then wrote a narrative on their piece and why they made it the way that they did.  The results were all completely different.  Some of their fruit represented their children.  Some of their children they had lost, others were keeping them going to get them through the program.
Some of the trees were bent in half representing their broken side with drugs and and their new life without drugs.  One named his "His weeping willow" and wrote a poem.  Many wrote poetry that described their lives before and their hope now.  It was so amazing to see the poetry and writing that was born out of the art itself.  Many considered the truths of God about themselves as opposed to what the world says about them.  They incorporated them into their roots.  Many volunteered to show and speak about their art to each other.  They were kind and respectful and encouraging to one another's journey.  It was wonderful to see such a supportive group.  We can't show their faces out of privacy, but they gave us permission to show their art.  They are sharing their art to be centerpieces at the November fundraiser luncheon to raise money for the best possible care to those who want freedom from addictions.

The 4th annual Fundraiser was attended to capacity, as Haymarket once again got to tell their story of being one of the few facilities for longer treatment from addiction.  They served over 14,000 clients last year and their mission statement is as follows:

The client art as centerpieces and their stories that accompanied the art let the client/artist be present among legislators and city diplomats.  Funding is crucial in the budget crisis of Illinois for this epidemic of the disease of addiction.  One hospital stay does not cure or go to the core of the disease.  That is why long term treatment works when addressing the whole person.  The stigma of addiction is real even in Springfield and among fellow citizens.  With treatment, addicts can become contributing members of society instead of dependent on government assistance.  You can donate today at www.HCenter.org.  They are one of the few places open 24 hours a day for people in need.

Read some of the clients stories:

This just in!  Because of the positive client response to the "Like a Tree" art project, Haymarket has installed a permanent display case for the clients to view each other's art now and in the future!
Art brings life to all spaces! 


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