Pencil Drawing and Faces---I am posting your drawings-Take a look!

Our medium for the month was pencil drawing and faces.  We are sorry that we won't be meeting together in March and April, but you can do this at home.  Even 15 minutes of drawing can calm the stress of these uncertain times.  It is so good to think of something else, and give your mind a rest from all of the negative news.  You might as well practice a new skill.  The more you draw, the better at it you become.  Look in magazines or newspapers and start noticing faces.  Pick out some to try and draw.  Faces are intimidating, but really aren't as hard as you think.  Once you place the features and start putting in shadows, they start to take shape and come alive.  Leave the light places light.  You should look for at least 3 tones, light medium and dark.

 In the meantime:  Try a pencil drawing of this face....


Send them in to and we'll post them on the blog, no names, just to encourage each other.


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