High School student workshop at Fox Valley Christian Center


These high school students come to FVCC after school for fellowship, dinner, Bible study and a life studies segment throughout the school year.  The Maker's Space gave a session on slowing down and praying for others without words.  After coming to the session after a group game,  the students were asked to take their pulse for 15 seconds.  Next, we had a 3 minute Breath prayer, inhaling with the Scripture, "The eternal God is your refuge," and exhaling with  "and underneath are the everlasting arms."  Then they took their pulse again and all found that they had lower numbers.  Deep breathing and breath prayer is a tool for slowing down and concentrating on breath helps us get out of our left brain planning control mode, into a right brain and more creative mode.

The students were then asked to divide their papers into 6 sections, thinking of 6 people to pray for, 1 of them have to be someone that is someone they don't like, and identify each section with each person's either first initial or last initial.  Then they were given a sheet of of new patterns for doodles, or to use their own of doodling while thinking of that person.  Have you ever felt that sometimes praying for someone, you run out of words?  Let the Holy Spirit and His creativity pray for you with doodles and design and color.  Colors have meanings that we do not even know.  Symbols and design can create a  beautiful prayer that has meaning beyond our mere words.  Next time you sit down to pray, get out a piece of paper and a pen and see what happens!


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