What is The Maker's Space?

Welcome to THE MAKER’S SPACE!  This space is different.  It is not the makers space which is a common name in community office buildings, meaning the space of makers.  This space is different. We are invited into the space of “THE  MAKER " or Creator of all things.  In this space we can create with The Maker and get a sense of His playfulness and His loving eye upon us.  Not a disapproving eye, but an eye that is delighted in us, because He made us.  He doesn’t make mistakes.  In this sacred space, [any space that we meet with Him is made sacred by His being there], we can slow down and listen to what He is saying to us.  He is always speaking to us and has so much to say, whether it is here or outside in nature or from other people. He is always speaking, we are just not taking the time to listen.  Here we begin practicing the art of listening, using art as a tool to slow ourselves down. The emphasis is the process not necessarily the end product. It can be something that God can use to speak to us and SHOW us something.  Most of the time, the visual speaks louder than words and goes right to the heart. 

  The Maker's Space Community Art Group began meeting in 2013 in DuPage County, Illinois.  Our previous monthly meetings  can be found under Schedule of Meetings and in blog write-ups.

Our mission statement:
1.  To use art as a tool to slow down and listen to God and explore your own creativity while learning that we were all created to be creative and seek after beauty.

2.  A place where people who already know they are creative can feel comfortable and safe and can find community and also slow down and listen to God for direction and purpose.

3.  To encourage those who have discovered that they are artists, that they have a place and a purpose in God's kingdom.

Scripture says,
 "Honor and majesty surround him;
            strength and beauty are in His dwelling."
                                                     1Chronicles 16:27

             "From Mount Zion, the perfection of beauty
                              God shines in glorious radiance."                                                                 Psalm 50:2

                             "Live creatively, friends!"
                          Galatians 6:1 [The Message version]

  "Our Father, God of all Creation,                                                             the Only uncreated one IS beauty. " 



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