Artists on the Move and their websites  Mary Whitmer is a local digital painter

Music. Film. Dance. Theater. Painting. Writing. Graphic Design. The impact of the creative world on our culture is irrefutable. The arts stretch our imagination and know few boundaries. However, sometimes there can be a chasm of acceptance and understanding between the church and those wonderfully complex humans we call artists.
Gordon and Sherrie Rogers have worked with young people for over 50 years through church youth ministries, Sherrie’s adolescent and family therapy practice, and through the open door of their home. Over the years, they discovered that young artists, who often do not fit in well with church-sponsored youth programs that emphasize physical recreation, can become discouraged. To close that gap, they founded Masterpiece Ministries in 1995



 BAS is one of the worlds most highly acclaimed wildlife and nature artists. The Art of BAS receives worldwide recognition from museums, Royalty, Governments, galleries, critics and collectors of fine art.


  Jim Leonard  Fine art works made with handmade paper and mixed media.                                        


Lydia Muwanga      1HEARTART.ORG  Transforming hearts through art
Lydia's organization is connecting artists in prison with artists outside the prison walls.  See how your art could help transform lives inside prison.


Community School of the Arts   Wheaton, Illinois 

Nancy Berrios is a visual artist and illustrator who is following a call to do art that brings hope into a dark world.  Read and see more of her story on her website.  Nancy has many children's books building good character.
                                         ********  Lynn Zuk-Lloyd is a local artist, author and speaker

                                           *******  Susan Ferrell is a ceramist with her own studio.  She teaches classes for all styles of ceramics.

BuildaBridge Institute for Applied Restorative Arts 
Online Courses

                                           ********  Kriste Sveen is a painter, author and teacher of children and worship.  You can see her work on Istagram@kriste.inspiredcreatitons and


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