Art and the teenagers from the Purpose by Design Retreat

July 2015 Retreat --The girls from the Purpose by Design Riverwoods Christian Community Center spent 3 sessions choosing a name of God on which to focus and meditate.  They were shown different doodle designs and made their own as they filled the spaces created by the first letter that they chose.  At the third session, they added color if they wanted it and a mat.  They then explained to the group the things they heard and the things that their design said to them.  The group was then encouraged to speak into their art the encouraging things that they saw in their designs.  It was a time that built confidence and amazement of how God can speak to us using art as language.

The girls also painted a mask describing how they felt on the outside as well as the inside.  There were so many emotions that were expressed through colors and designs.  Our workshops focused on true beauty inside and out and demonstrated by actions.
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